4 Tips On How To Live Longer And Having Fun

4 Tips On How To Live Longer And Having Fun

Let`s be honest to ourselves! When we reached our prime, we tend to find how to look and feel younger. We are always in our pursui

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What is Hadza diet

What Is Hadza Diet? Fat-Burner Bacteria In Your Gut

Say what? Introducing the Hadza diet! This is now the latest health-boosting weight-loss diet that people can`t stop talking about it. What is Hadza diet? It is so called Hadza diet which is

What Is In A Weight Loss Pill?

Are you looking for ways to lose weight? Ways that go beyond the usual lifestyle changes, like diet programs or exercise routines? Weight loss supplements or pills with bragging names like "...
Yoga and women over 50

The Benefits Of Yoga For Women Over 50s

Yoga is one great type of exercise that women over 50s are into. Yoga exercise focuses on the relaxation and breathing methods. Its main purpose is to create strength, awareness and harmony...

Is it Possible to Lose Weight After Age 50?

I know how important it is to maintain a healthy weight when one ages - but it seems it is a lot harder to lose weight when you get older?   I noticed this somehow when I was in...