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Is it Possible to Lose Weight After Age 50?

I know how important it is to maintain a healthy weight when one ages – but it seems it is a lot harder to lose weight when you get older?


I noticed this somehow when I was in my 50 and nearing menopause. Even going to the same routine of stretching and exercising, I still gained a bit of weight when I hit my 50`s. It is not as easy to lose weight when I was in my 20`s or 30`s, which usually just involves doing some minor changes to your level of activity and eating habits. Weight loss during these stage requires more hard work and effort because of some challenges during these years.

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What challenges are associated to losing weight after 50?




As you age, your muscle tissues also have the tendency of shrinking naturally and losing their mass. While the specific reason for this challenge is still unknown, I noticed that it`s mainly because of the muscles` wear and tear as well as the hormonal changes a woman encounters while she ages. The combination of these problems makes your body less efficient when it comes to replenishing any damaged or injured muscle cells.


The problem with your diminished muscle cells is that it can cause unburned calories to convert to fats. In this case, you may have a hard time losing weight because your tendons, ligaments, and muscles also become rigid as you age. They also have the tendency of losing their tone.




Aging might also cause you to have a difficult time losing weight because you may encounter physical strain. This might cause a decline in your regular physical activities. It is greatly possible for you not to be able to perform those activities that you once loved and enjoyed. One example is that running may become strenuous for you, so you might need to trade it with walking. You might also need to replace weight lifting with yoga – strength exercises.


In this case, you may need to perform low-impact activities. This is a bit challenging because this might require you to do the workouts for a longer period or more, pretty often so you can attain similar results.




While hormonal changes linked to menopause among women do not necessarily cause you to gain weight in an instant, they still have the tendency of causing some changes on the specific areas where you store fats. This results in the accumulation of excess weight in your abdomen instead of other parts of your body, like your thighs or hips.


Hormonal changes might also affect your emotions, which might cause you to make poor choices in terms of diet and physical activities These changes also have the tendency of triggering muscle loss, which can lead to slow metabolism and reduced movement.


Having said all these challenges…


Still, with proper commitment to the right diet and regular exercise, I am pretty sure that all the weight loss challenges after 50 can easily be dealt with. The key to handling these challenges is awareness. You have to be aware of these weight loss challenges, acknowledge that they indeed exist, and figure out how to deal with them the right way.


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So, is it possible to lose weight when you`re over 50?


Yes, of course it is possible to lose weight at any age, even when you are over 50!


You can lose weight if you stay on track!


During your journey of maintaining a healthy weight to stay fit and healthy, there are several challenges I have mentioned above that are usually associated to it, aside from so many temptations around. But as long as you are committed to lose weight, you will be successful in your goal.


Most of the people who successfully shed weight and achieved their dream figure at that age have continually stayed on track.

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There are some things you can do to ensure that you stay committed to your journey to maintaining a healthy weight and aging gracefully:


(A) Weigh yourself regularly


Make it a point to keep track of your weight. Step on the scale regularly as that`s a very helpful tool in maintaining your weight. It lets you become more aware of your progress while encouraging good weight control behaviors. I also noticed that weighing myself regularly caused me to eat fewer calories all throughout the day, causing me to stick to my target weight.


The number of times you weigh yourself is actually based on your personal preference and what works for you. \you may choose to weigh yourself daily or do it once or twice every week.


(B) Monitor your Carbohydrate intake


Staying on track of your weight loss goals is easier to achieve if you pay close attention to your carb intake, particularly the specific amount and type you take in. Even if you`ve already reached your target weight, you still need to stick to healthy eating. Avoid eating excessive amounts of refined carbs, like those found in fruit juices, white pasta, and white bread, as these can negatively affect your goal to maintain your weight.


Take note that sticking to a low-carb diet after losing weight will let you maintain your new weight for a long time. Sticking to a low-carb diet can also lessen your risk of consuming more calories than the amount you burn.


(c) Avoid criticizing yourself too much


If you really want to lose weight, then make it a point to set realistic goals. Being realistic in your journey towards maintaining your fit body will prevent you from dealing with disappointments in the long run. You should also avoid berating yourself too much for all the shortcomings and failures that you will encounter during your journey. These excessive criticism will only cause you to lose your confidence and increase the level of your anxiety.


This will also trigger stress, causing your body to respond through adrenaline and cortisol. Such natural reaction will lower your immunity, cause exhaustion and weariness, and slow down your metabolism. Worse, it can trigger emotional eating or cravings for unhealthy stuff. If that happens, then you are only pushing yourself to gain weight once again.

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If you want to continue your success in maintaining a healthy weight, then give yourself a positive reassurance instead of unnecessary criticisms. Put your mind at ease, it is still possible to lose weight even when you`re age over 50, and remind yourself that you`re capable of maintaining your fabulous look and figure after 50.


12 thoughts on “Is it Possible to Lose Weight After Age 50?

  1. This is great, I am aware that carbs are my main problem and this was an excellent reminder to stay on track! I also really like that you remind us not to criticize ourselves, although it can be hard to avoid!

    1. Thanks Amy! It`s really true, criticizing one self will just make it worst. Just be kind to your own body, eventually, you`ll stay on track because you know what you are going for – to lose weight and become healthy:)

  2. I’m over 50 but I’m male and there’s not much difference for us.

    An interesting article with some good points made. A bit general and doesn’t give much in the way of practical advice but is that to come later ?

    1. Hi Les, you are definitely right! This article is just to give the right answer to questions usually brought about especially women of their prime years. They usually thought that since they are already “old”, they could not lose weight anymore.. but actually they can! The practical advice to lose weight? I have some good recommendations.. so, just check in once in awhile on my site, it`s coming soon.. one of my future articles.

  3. I loved ur post, it is so motivating and inspiring for women who think they are just old to be fit
    Very good and helpful tips

  4. Hi Hanna,

    I like your advice about not criticizing yourself too much. Criticism can quickly turn you back to eating poorly again.

    You recommend eating a low-carb diet and to limit white pasta, white bread, and fruit juice. Are there any high-carb foods that I can eat?


    1. Thanks Laura! I do recommend eating low carb diet. But actually, there`s a high-carb and high-fat diet that you can use. It is basically eating whatever you like, but the point is EAT LESS and EXERCISE MORE. And another thing, watching what you eat is also helpful. I recommend Fitbit for this kind of scenario. You put what food you`ve eaten, and it will calculate how much calories you need to burn by walking, running, or doing exercise. It is available in Amazon.

  5. Hi Hanna,

    The content of this post is informative and actionable for some of us giving-up on weight loss due to some challenges. I will surely watch some of the triggers you mentioned in the post. Thanks

  6. So glad I stumbled upon this website today!

    I’ve been looking for some tips for my mum – she’s currently reaching 60s and determined to lose her belly fat.I realized it’s not going to be the same routine and technique as what I’m doing. I usually run and do yoga but she has never been active in her life, so it would take some time for her to get there.

    But I guess now I can ask her to join my yoga practice slowly and hopefully, she’ll be able to get more active and soon will have more strength to go for a fast walk.

    Thanks for sharing this article!

    1. Thanks Wina for sharing your thoughts about this article!  And i hope your mum will get a bit of strength excercises and even some yoga!

      All the best!

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