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How To Stop Thinning Hair in Women? 5 Effective Ways

Wear a hat to protect your hair.

Why is our hair falling out (or thinning)?

Generally speaking as we grow older, we tend to have less hair. Though according to studies, men are likely to lose more hair than women, but most women are more conscious of having thin hair or hair falling out.

There are quite a few causes of thinning hair, but for our generation (ages 50`s and above), the most important reason of hair falling out is due to aging.

You see, it is not uncommon to see women lose their hair when they reach their 50`s or 60`s. Honestly, experts are not sure why this can happen because of so many possible causes. Not only because of hormone changes, but also because of stress related causes, your genes, your lifestyle when it comes to your hair (like, did you use the right kind of shampoo or hair spray, or do you go to the salon often enough to lose its strength?)

I have collected some information that may be helpful when you have this kind of issue.

Here is why and how to fix your thinning hair:

1. Is your hair thinning?

Check with your doctor if you have some problem with your thyroid.

This is a common, yet often overlooked cause of hair loss: a low functioning thyroid. It weakens every strand of your hair and it makes it difficult to replace those that fall out.

“When the glands are not producing enough hormones, it greatly reduces your body`s ability to regenerate hair cells,” says dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD, an author of the book Skin Rules.

A blood test will reveal if your thyroid is under active. If so, an inexpensive medication for your thyroid could have your hair growing in as thick as ever within six months.

2. Is your hair limp?

Eat food with protein, iron and zinc – like in a Burger!

For hair to look full and luxurious, sufficient protein, iron and zinc are essential and fortunately, the burger actually is pack will all three!!

“Beef`s protein helps produce the keratin that is vital to hair structure,” says Dr. Jaliman. And its iron and zinc boost nutrient flow to follicles for thicker and fuller hair.

If you are not into meat like burger, fish is also good on this. Salmon is a good choice. Its omega-3 fatty acids nourish follicles, promoting growth and overall hair health.

3. Is your hair brittle?

Wear a hat! Cover your hair!

Surprisingly, the real cause of dry, brittle hair that splits easily is too much sun, says Dr. Joshua Zeicher. He says that UV light can damage the outer layer of the hair known as the cuticle so that it does not like flat.

So, the solution for this is don a hat with a sun-protective UPF or ultraviolet protection factor of 30 to block the rays and protect your scalp from burns.

4. Is your hair patchy?

Better make sure what is in your medications.

Many medications, including blood thinners and some anti-depressants, can trigger sudden hair loss.

“This occurs when hair roots shift into the resting state, increasing shedding,” says Dr. Jaliman. Switching medications can trigger new within six weeks. Make sure you talk to your doctor before switching meds.

5. Do you have dandruff?

Are you rinsing well when you wash your hair?

An extra 15 seconds can send dandruff packing, says Dr. Jaliman.

Hair-care products leave bits of residue every time you use them, which accumulates over time. So, after shampooing, massage your scalp while rinsing until the water flows without suds. Once it is clear, rinse 15 seconds more.

If you are interested in the best treatment for hair thinning:


In conclusion,

Since hair is the crowning glory of women, taking good care of it is important. I have enumerated some ways you can possibly fix your hair issues, but also this is my way of letting you know that all these problems may only be treated if you are aware of how your body works.

What are your thoughts about this topic? I appreciate your comment:)

18 thoughts on “How To Stop Thinning Hair in Women? 5 Effective Ways

  1. That is very horror thing for women, i’m not the women, but i guess my mother or some of my friend might be need it! Thank you for sharing!

  2. My wife has been struggling with thinning hair for the past 2 or 3 years now and nothing seems to work, it gets her down and depressed all the times, I found this really helpful to assist her, I have emailed her this link to her now, she will be sincerely grateful for you tips. Just a quick note to say many thanks!

  3. I have had a problem recently with my hair falling out due to a prescription I was taking. I know for me I now use Collagen (powder I put in my coffee), and a biotin supplement. These two have made my hair start growing really fast, it is fully and definitely not limp. This along with some your tips, works wonders! Great information!

  4. I’m only in my 40’s but I am already experiencing hair problems, hair loss, thinning etc. You’re right I think is has to do with age and our diet. I think i need to pay attention and start moves to improve and protect my hair health. Thanks for this wonderful tips and tricks. This helps a lot.

  5. Let me commend you for this highly informative article. This is an eye opener and a must for every woman that cherish her hair and beauty alot.

    I have once purchased the skin rule for my wife at amazon and i can testify to its works. it is highly durable and easy to afford.

    1. Hhi Ola, thank you for sharing your thoughts about this article.

      Yes, the book has a lot of good information not only about hair, but also about the skin.

  6. Thank you for this great post, I find it really interesting and easy to read, women should always take good care of their hair and you have really provided  great tips on how to treat hair. My fiancee was once battling with dandruff but she do use some hair treatments back then. 

  7. Good review on this article. I think it is a proper thing to a adapt a healthy lifestyle for our hair that would make it not to be thinning. Taking care of the hair should also be a priority as taking care of the skin because it also showcase beauty. When there is a sign of any of the mentioned conditions above, one should not hesitate to attend to it, as in the case of shampooing, rinse very well with water to avoid dandruff. Thank you for this helpful information. Welldone. 

  8. Hair thinning is really a problem for women over 50.  My hair is thin and whenever I washed my hair, my hair dropped. I have tried many hair tonic and they do not have lasting effect.

    I do not eat beef often. I think I will eat more salmon for omega-3 fatty acids.

    Thank you for introducing the hair thinning treatment. I might give it a try.

    1. Hi Christine, i am glad you found this article.

      These are just simple steps to take care of your hair.. these are simple and yet powerful.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it.

  9. Thank you for your tips on hair care. My wife is 48 and she has weak hair and falling. The thyroid is normal, no dandruff and we are not able to understand why. Should the cause be a lack of nutrients or even genetics? Will use of Keranique can be beneficial? Is Keranique a natural product? 

    Thanks for your great post.

    1. Hi Prabakaran, thank you for sharing your thoughts about this article.

      Lack of nutrients and genetics are big factors in overall health, not only hair.  But it can have a vital role in the health of the hair, for sure.

      Keranique has natural ingredients which is less harmful to our skin, specifically the scalp.  It is a great product specially for hair thinning. 

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