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What To Expect in Your 50`s?

Welcome to a new decade! I am in my 50`s!

So, what do we expect when we reach this age –  it`s a start of  our prime? First and foremost, we have to realize that a lot of change is going to happen. Our body and health change. We change physically, mentally, and hormonally ( my family says “mood change” – big time!).  And these changes varies in every person, as we live our lives differently.

Here, I enumerated some subtly changes I noticed early on when I turned 50. For these changes, I gave ideas about it, some tips and recommendations that might help to ease out some health issues so as to continue to live our life to the fullest – even when we are on our prime.

Skin: spots and tags

One of the first thing I noticed was my skin gets drier. Understanding hormonal changes, the elastin and collagen count is now reduced. Thus, creating those fine lines and wrinkles. Having age spots and tags are also expected in these years, even earlier than 50. Nowadays, there are so many creams and lotions to help on these issues. I recommend using retinol or any products that has antioxidants and glycolic acid – these can easily promote thickening of skin and will increase collagen production which is beneficial for repairing aged skin.

Metabolism slows down

Hormones play a very important role in our body system. Especially in our metabolism which decreases its rate every decade around 5%. So, when we eat, our food gets metabolize slowly. I recommend eating more fiber and lots of water. Taking care of our colon is very important at this time, thus, colonoscopy is a must. Since our metabolism slows down, we get to notice a slight gain weight too. I recommend staying active and eating more healthy food, fewer calories, more grains, lots of fruits and vegetables.

Our senses have issues

I started wearing reading glasses when I turned 40, but I started wearing bi-focal eyeglasses recently. Initially, I thought my eyesight will get better, but as you age, accept that it starts to deteriorate. Aging will cause the the thickening of the senses which will make it hard to focus, will lessen clarity, and may also reduce night vision. Regular visits to the eye doctor is highly recommended.

I noticed hearing changes too. But fortunately, my sense of smell, taste, and touch remain intact. For now.

Other health issues

Aging may start discomfort in the muscles and joints. These may be accompanied by pain, swelling, and numbness too. As we aged, our cartilage wears down, we have weaker muscles, some tightening of some ligaments and loss of lubricating fluid on our joints. You may have some popping and creaking sound and this may be attributed to the tendon snapping over a joint. Arthritis on the joints may be an issue too. Strength training and yoga exercises are highly recommended and eating anti-inflammatory diet may be helpful too. You may also consider taking some supplemental pills and vitamins (Omega, Cal-mag, CoQ10, B12s, and others)

Our heart also has to be noted at this time. I noticed some unusual fatigue and dizziness when I exercised. Our heart`s muscles get thicker as we get older. Some first signs of heart`s disease may be obvious at this time. Studies show that people at this age are prone to heart stroke. Visit to the doctor and some testing for the heart and cholesterol count is recommended. Regular walk and exercise may reduce our risk for heart issues. We want to make sure our heart is pumping well, healthy, and strong!

Immune system is less sensitive at this age. Meaning, we are susceptible to getting sick. Our response to vaccines also decreases. We are fortunate enough at this time because there are already several studies to boost immune system at this age. Most importantly, we should protect ourselves not too loose so many muscles, we should eat healthy, have enough exercise, and have a healthy lifestyle.

Our urological system – our urinating issues. This is usually common to women around 60 years old. But I would like to mention about some initial changes that may occur at this age. Stress incontinence – urine loss when coughing and sneezing, is common to women at this age. I was surprised to know that exercise to strengthen muscles around uterus, bladder, and rectum is very beneficial to this issue. And if we stay healthy and eat good food, our urological system will just work fine.

Another issue I would like to mention, but will probably elaborate more on a post in the future, is our sex life during this time of our age. Studies show that it is the best time of our life to have sex, because we are more emotionally knowledgeable to this topic, but unfortunately, some hormonal issues are connected to it. Our estrogen and progesterone levels are decreased. But of course, there are some remedies to it. There are medications and therapies that are highly and openly recommended.

Stay Happy

According to recent studies, as we aged, we tend to be happier. We realized bad times and good times are not here to stay, everything is temporary. Older people tend to regulate their emotions in almost all situations. Thus, we tend to emotionally savor the moments which are special to us. We have learned how to live our lives. We had overcome so many adversities that we know our priorities and what matters to us.

We may be healthy or not at this moment, but one thing for sure, we have reached our prime. As we know how to live the life we want. We understand how it feels to be sad. We experienced how it is to be accepted and be rejected. In our life we learned how to love, what we love and who we love. We felt kindness. We understand. We learned. We persevere. We know how to be happy.

I have a 50-year-old body and i chose to be happy!

What about you? Any thoughts? Leave a comment..

2 thoughts on “What To Expect in Your 50`s?

  1. I love coming back to your site to read more, now that I am knocking on 60’s door in a couple of years!! Exercise is key to good health as well as a well-balanced diet rich in nutrients.

    1. Thank you Meherbani! I make sure that this site will encourage and make recommendations effectively for women like us. Doing exercise may not be strenuous, simple walks everyday is enough to make us active.

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