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4 Tips On How To Live Longer And Having Fun

4 Tips On How To Live Longer And Having Fun

Let`s be honest to ourselves!

When we reached our prime, we tend to find how to look and feel younger. We are always in our pursuit of finding ways how to turn back the clock.

If we can only find that fountain of youth which can help us live longer and feel better, or is there really such a thing?

There is actually such a thing! The new secret to a long and healthy life?

Is by having FUN!

There is a large-scale study which shows that older adults who enjoy fun activities are 25% less likely to die before they reached their 90. This is maybe because when you are having fun, this enjoyment and happy feeling lower health-harming stress hormones.

Here Are the 4 Tips On How To Live Longer:

1. Going Outside More Often.

According to the University of Rochester researchers, being with nature – for as little as five minutes in a day, and this doesn’t matter what the condition of the weather- will make you feel more energized and alive.

It is also practically guaranteed to boost your mood and self-esteem. Both of these traits together can also be increased by taking other healthy steps, such as being more active through walking, gardening, and biking. Of course, eating more healthy foods can boost your happy mood and self-esteem as well.

2. Reading Your Favorite Books More Often.

Some studies show, book-lovers typically live two years longer than those who rarely spend their leisure time reading. This is according to one of the reports in the Journal in Social Science & Medicine.

Whatever kind of books that you are interested in, fiction or nonfiction, reading boosts brain health and lowers levels of cortisol and other stress hormones.

3. Playing With A Pet.

The Scientific Reports study says that all pet owners tend to live longer. Not only do your dogs or cats keep you active and reduce stress level, but they actually also strengthen your immune system, lessening your chances of getting sick, and even helping you heal faster if you do get sick.

Don’t have a pet? Cardiologist Stephen Sinatra, MD said that spending a few minutes with someone else`s pets will give you a “rush of endorphins which are calming, pain-relieving chemicals.”

4. Dancing As Your Exercise.

It has been confirmed by many studies that dancing is a heart-healthy aerobic activity – and now research in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience reveals that all those shimmies and shakes also keep your brain in tiptop shape, helping you avoid accidents, another key to enjoying a long and healthy life.

Watch this 80-year old woman dancing salsa.

In conclusion,

So, we should realize that living longer is not only taking a lot of supplements and eating good healthy food. Having fun and living a happy life can help you live a little longer.

These four simple tips like heading outside, reading books, playing your pets, and dancing are all easy to do. I guess, there are still other things you can do for fun. Even just doing simple games and playing with kids is also fun as long as you feel happy and having a good time.

What other things you do for fun? These can make you live longer and feel better!

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All the best!


4 thoughts on “4 Tips On How To Live Longer And Having Fun

  1. Hi!

    what a great article! I totally agree with it especially the dancing. I cant dance to save my life but when the music gets me going, i go and afterwards i feel great! I wont dance in public but it wont stop me from dancing in my bedroom!

    I would also add a walking, even if its just 20 mins it makes a huge difference. Especially if you walk alone, so you have time to collect your thoughts, calm and relax yourself. plus all that walking pumps blood around your body giving you oxygen that you need! so there is no downside to walking in any season and I live in Dubai!

    1. Hi Tarun, walking is also a very good way to add to your years.  As I have mentioned, it doesn`t matter how the weather is, as long as you go outside and be with nature.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Hi, I have read your article very carefully. I am very excited to read your article because I have learn many important tips about how To Live Longer. This is really very amazing and excellent post. I have learn 4 Tips on how to live longer And having Fun. I think your post is very helpful to the people for live longer and feel better. Thank you very much for sharing this informative post.

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