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Unhealthy Habits that Make You Age Faster

Healthy eating and proper exercise are definitely among the best ways to stay healthy, looking young and sexy even after you reach age 50.

We have to realize how helpful it is to have done these habits all our lives, so that you will always look youthful and healthy. But if you have neglected your health and your body when you were younger, rest assured, you are now suffering from the effects of these bad habits.

Here are some Unhealthy Habits that may cause you to age faster. Avoid them as much as possible and increase your chance of aging beautifully.

Crash Dieting

Everyone loves the idea of losing weight in an instant. Who does not want to lose up to 10 lbs. in time for a special occasion? Quick weight loss fixes are very tempting. However, remember that a crash diet is not a great idea. It won’t solve your problem for the long term.

What it does, instead, is that it causes a long term threat. It even has the tendency of making you feel older because it reduces the level of your energy, causes irritation and depression and messes your focus and concentration. A crash diet also causes your skin to sag even more and develop more wrinkles. It is mainly because your less elastic skin caused by your age may not have enough time to adjust to the lost weight.

While managing your weight is crucial, especially once pass 50, it is still necessary to go the safe and slow route. Avoid losing over 1-2 lbs every week.

Not Enough Sleep

Another habit that you should avoid if you want to age gracefully is not getting the right amount of sleep. Note that inadequate sleep can prevent you from functioning optimally all throughout the day. It might also contribute to weight gain. Aim to get at least 6-7 hours of quality sleep each night.

Not Eating Enough Fruits and Vegetables

As you age, your calorie needs will also most likely reduce. However, you still need to consume enough fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure that you get that glow linked to healthy and graceful aging. Not including enough fruits and veggies in your diet might cause your complexion to age fast. You will develop more wrinkles. I highly advise putting more colorful fruits and veggies on your plate. Also, make sure that you stick to a diet composed of foods containing the heart-healthy Omega 3 and fiber.

Eating Too Many Sweets

Consuming sugary food excessively, whether it is soda, sugary cereals, or sugary nutrition bars, can also drain your fountain of youth. Foods that have extremely high sugar content have the tendency of overwhelming your body with sugar molecules. Such excessive amounts of sugar molecules can trigger vital proteins, such as elastin and collagen (yes, the ones designed to keep your skin look young and firm), to lessen their production.

It can also cause inflammation that might only lead to the acceleration of the aging process. Fortunately, you can reverse this by cutting out processed, fried, and sugary foods from your diet.

Not Doing Enough Physical Activities

Even in your 50`s, you still need to incorporate a physical activity or two in your daily routines. In fact, moderate walking for just 30 minutes every day is already enough to improve your health, strengthen our bones, improve your insulin sensitivity, protect your heart, and reduce the bad cholesterol present in your body. With proper exercise and activity, you can lower your chance of gaining too much weight. You can stay fit and fab even as you age.

And of course, Vices!

If we had been smoking cigarettes, alcoholic drinkers, and using other vices at an earlier age, we probably look very old! Older than our age! We already know that it is a fact, that these bad habits, if doing it regularly, are not beneficial to our body and our life. I would say, these are radicals to our body. It makes every cell, muscles, skin, and hair deteriorate faster. These radicals are toxins that dehydrate our body and the whole bodily system.

But it is never too late to correct this, as long as you have that decision to get rid of all these vices and have the willingness to change, it is possible. You may need some help, though, professionally, but as I`ve said it is not too late to change your lifestyle to a healthier one.


Sticking to a healthy diet and performing regular exercises are good habits that will definitely help those who wish to age gracefully. Knowing that there are habits which are unhealthy and can result in making you get old faster, it is time to make that realization on removing those habits in your routine.

Those are just simple habits and can easily be changed. Besides, if you are properly motivated in taking good care of yourself, you will definitely not do those unhealthy habits.

If you follow a good healthy routine, this will only result to a better nutritional and fitness habits, which will allow you to maintain good body weight, maintain your figure, and will make you look younger as you enjoy graceful aging.

Any thoughts? I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment.

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