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The 6 Best Brain Boosting Supplements

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Are you looking for a miracle supplement to make you remember everything?


Wouldn’t that be awesome if there`s one? Realistically there are no supplements that can really boost your brain to such an astounding level. But, so far, there are studies that have shown that regular intake of certain supplements can increase the ability to memorize.

In order for brain to maintain its function well, it requires a variety of nutrients to produce neurotransmitters. These are substances that control mood, behavior, and mind. There are so many studies and researches nowadays which have proven that taking certain nutritional supplements can increase IQ and even enhance learning ability. “Smart nutrients” (cognitive enhancing supplements) are natural substance that improve human intelligence.

There are few natural herbs, supplements and even foods that can help improve your brain functions. Their effects can improve memory, learning, concentration, attention, reasoning, social skills, decision-making and focus. If you combine these “brain foods” with sufficient rest and exercise, you can boost your brain’s functions and health in no time.



What are these “brain foods”?



This substance has been used for thousands of years in Eastern cultures and is perhaps the most well-known of all memory enhancing herbs. It works by diluting the blood vessels in the brain and enhancing its blood flow, thus supplying lots of oxygen into the brain. It also gets rid of harmful free radicals that damage brain cells. However, the results are not immediate. Taking the supplement continuously for a few weeks will start yielding results.



There`s a recent study which has shown good number of results that these common constituents of your kitchen are very effective in fighting the dreaded Alzheimer`s disease. The most significant result seems to be that these prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine. This is a key chemical involved with memory and is lacking in patients with Alzheimer`s. The effect of green tea is more lasting than that of a black tea, which lasts only for a day.



It has been shown in some studies that students who took sage performed better at a memory recall test. Scientists believe that sage contains substances that may increase levels of a chemical that transmits messages to the brain. Rosemary also helps stimulate the memory and alleviate mental fatigue. It also strengthens mental clarity. How exactly these substances help the brain still remain ambiguous at this time.



A healthy diet should provide you with all the vitamins that are needed by the body. But at times of stress and fatigue, the body gets depleted of Vitamin B. Deficiency of this vitamin prevents the functioning of acetlycholine. Vitamin B also helps carry oxygen to the brain and this also help reduce any harmful free radicals. Natural foods like liver, eggs, soybeans, lentils, and green beans are good sources of Vitamin B. Taking some Vitamin B pills as a supplement can help boost your brainpower as well.



The most common deficiency in most parts of the world is linked to iron deficiency. Poor concentration, diminished intelligence, and a short attention span are all attributed to iron deficiency. Iron helps carry oxygen to the blood and its deficiency leaves the brain lacking in oxygen. You can be tested through your blood if you are iron deficient.

In taking Iron supplements, it is important that you have in your system a good amount of Vitamin C as well. Absorption of iron becomes possible only in the presence of Vitamin C. Taking iron-rich food with lime juice is one of the most effective and natural way to ingest and be benefited with this supplement.



Water is an often overlooked but important necessity of the brain. The brain is 70% water, and a dehydrated brain works at a slower pace. Therefore it is always good to keep the brain hydrated with plenty of water.


In Conclusion


Keeping your brain in good health and function is possible. As we age, this is one of those things that we really need to take into consideration, as aging is equally correlated to memory issues. Taking the right supplements, may it be natural or not, is a necessary step if we want to maintain our brain`s health. In addition, we also need to have a sufficient amount of sleep and rest, and at the same time, manage to do some physical exercise. All together, these important steps will definitely boost the power of your brain.


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4 thoughts on “The 6 Best Brain Boosting Supplements

  1. I absolutely love this article. This was extremely informative. As a parent I spend a lot of time thinking about health but as weird as it sounds I haven’t actually considered brain health. I know the brain is extremely important but for some reason I seem to focus more on physical activity or personal hygiene. This has got me thinking about trying out something new. I really enjoyed that you added what type of foods can be utilized to enhance brain function so an ingredient can be added to the meal instead of purchasing a supplement. The supplement may be easier but I think experimenting with new ingredients with the kids will be more fun. Thank you for all the information. It is very helpful!

    1. You`re welcome Romanjean! And thanks for sharing your thoughts! How nice it would be if you can already share these ideas to your children. It will benefit them as they grow older. All the best!

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