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Best Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure! The Hidden Secret!

Maintaining a normal blood pressure is a very common problem for people as they age. High blood pressure or hypertension is the reason why a good deal of the population don’t reach the age that they should expect.

High blood pressure is caused by constriction of the arteries which makes it harder for the heat to pump blood through the body. When the blood is not flowing freely to all areas of the body, the result of this lack of oxygen to the tissues is increased aging.

In addition to this accelerated aging, there are the factors of heart and kidney disease and strokes that can result in early death.

There are several ways which we can prevent high blood pressure such as medications and changing your diet or your overall lifestyle. I have collected some natural ways that can not only keep your high blood pressure healthy to prevent heart disease and stroke, but will also protect the blood vessels that nourish your brain, cutting risk of dementia.

Here are some of the best natural remedy to keep your blood pressure into the healthy range:

1. Getting more potassium level with eating squash.

Just eating 1/2 cup of any kind of squash or even zucchini daily could lower your blood pressure as effectively as avoiding salt, Pacific Western University researchers say. Squash is rich in potassium, a mineral that helps your kidneys flush out sodium before it can make blood vessels tighten and blood pressure rise. Other great sources of potassium are sweet potatoes, non-fat yogurt and bananas.

2. Balance your fluids with canned tuna.

Eating 18oz weekly of canned tuna, salmon, shrimp  can help lower blood pressure. This can actually shave six points off your blood pressure in two months, say Texas Tech University researchers. Fish and seafood are packed with taurine, an amino acid that controls blood pressure by helping your body flush out excess fluids.

3. Soothing your adrenals with citrus.

Eating two daily servings of oranges, grapefruit or the like could trim your blood pressure 7%, suggest recent studies. Citrus is rich in auraptene, a compound that helps cut your adrenal glands` production of the pressure-rising stress hormone cortisol.

4. Barley can lower the blood pressure.

Barley`s selenium and manganese help stop blood pressure spikes, according to professionals of Cleveland clinic. A one-half cup daily could reduce your reading nine points in two months.

5. Herbal tea for maintenance.

Sipping four cups of either hibiscus or cardamom tea daily will help normalize your blood pressure in as little as three months, Indian studies show. These healthy brews act like natural calcium channel blockers, relaxing the muscles lining your arteries, so they are less likely to tighten.

6. Onions as anti-inflammatory.

Eating three cups of any kind of onions weekly could lower your blood pressure 21% in two months. Onions are rich in quercetin and sulfur, nutrients that reduce blood vessel inflammation, allowing your artery walls to stay relaxed and your pressure low.

Other healthy tips:

Aside from these natural remedies, we should be very cautious in our choices of what to eat – “danger foods”. These are foods that can spike your blood pressure: such as salt, caffeine, sugar and refined grains.

Reducing the stress in your life, meditations, and getting enough sleep regularly are also ways to keep your blood pressure maintained in a healthy range.

Essential fats and garlic has been shown to reduce blood pressure.

Getting into a regular physical exercise can also help lower blood pressure, as well as getting other benefits that exercise brings to your body such as improved muscle tone, lower body fat, and a better positive outlook on life.

In conclusion,

In as much as i have enumerated several ways to lower down your blood pressure naturally, it is always important to note that making the necessary lifestyle changes is the most helpful one. Also, if the blood pressure is really high, then you will be needing some medications from the professionals for your daily maintenance.

28 thoughts on “Best Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure! The Hidden Secret!

  1. Hanna, this is great information. I was excited to see you included squash for its potassium. I have to watch my potassium levels because of medical conditions (it causes my potassium to drop) and I generally keep an eye on my sodium because of their direct link. Too much salt can also lead to lower potassium, and that can be incredibly dangerous. 

    I was very glad to know that many of my food choices are healthy as far as blood pressure. I would love to see more information about the ideas you touched on at the end of your article. Sometimes it can be so hard to get everything we are “supposed to” do into our schedules that it makes me feel stressed. The exact opposite of what i need to feel! Ugh. DO you have any words of wisdom for folks like me who try to do it all?

    1. Thanks Kelly for sharing your thoughts. I am very glad this information helps.  

      Limiting stress is really a big problem nowadays. Meditation and self-healing are the best ways to cope stress.  Hopefully, i can post more articles about these topics. 

  2. Hannah this very informative blog that we. Need to keep in mind what we learned from you or we keep visiting this over and over again it helps  in so many ways to eat and live healthy  blood pressure is amojor killer in older men and women who have no clue of how to prevent such a thing to happen and thankly we have you thanks

  3. I know of a loved one with high blood pressure and I am so grateful for the information you have provided in this article. I’ll be sure to share this exact page with them.

    And on the other hand, I am quite pleased to hear that my addiction towards oranges with chili powder has an upside lol

    Again thank you for sharing this information, you may have just helped someone stick around longer because of it.

    1. Thanks Joe for sharing your thoughts with regards to this article, and i am very glad to know that it can be helpful to someone.

  4. I find this post very helpful because although I have some ideas on how to manage high blood pressure naturally, some of the remedies you mentioned are new to me. I know about onions (and garlic too) as well as increasing your consumption of citrus fruits but I didn’t think that consuming canned tuna will help because I’ve always thought that all canned foods are high in salt. My sister-in-law who used to eat canned sardines is now limiting her consumption since she found out that she has high blood pressure. 

    And speaking of herbal teas, do you recommend continuous consumption, say for a period of over 6 months? I was told by my Chinese friend who often drinks herbal teas that she only has them for 3 consecutive months, skip another 3 months before resuming her daily consumption. The reason behind this is the negative side effects it might have on her internal organs. 

    1. Hi Alice, thanks for sharing your thoughts with regards to this topic.

      I have mentioned eating a maximum of 18 oz of canned tuna or salmon can be helpful lowering your blood pressure, and within 2 month period.  I guess, more than that is not going to be helpful because of the salt content.

      With regards to the herbal tea, i am not quite sure about its side effects, let me look more into this.  But in my experience, i have been drinking herbal teas for so many years now, and continuous consumption of it just gives me benefits.

  5. This is a very good article. The onset of 50 years and beyond is a crucial stage for everyone and hence, following what has been shown in this post is going to prove awesome results for those who implement them.

    The 6 natural remedies mentioned here to lower blood pressure are highly-priced.

    I encourage you to keep updating more information on the matter and especially the ones that offer anti-aging food recipes.

    All the best.

    1. Thanks Phom!
      I do appreciate your good comment, and surely, this will continually motivate me to give you the best information on anti-aging foods and nutrition.
      All the best

  6. Hanna,
    I have high blood pressure and take meds for it. You list of foods to keep on your menu on a regular basis that will help lower you blood pressure should help some live longer if they follow it. There were some items that I had not heard of helping control blood pressure before that I will put on my shopping list.
    I do use the herbal tea and canned tuna on a regular schedule.
    Do you know of any foods to avoid if you have a slight blood pressure problem, mine is not really high.

    1. Hi John, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      If your blood pressure is not really high, the best way to maintain it is make sure you do regular exercise, avoid those unhealthy and dangerous foods i have mentioned, and most specially, have a good rest and sleep all the time.
      All the best!

  7. High blood pressure is a serious disease mostly everyone have nowadays. People take artificial medicines and do not realize that they also bring in side affects to them. This article has so many natural remedies for high blood pressure. Thank you for sharing this article with us. 

    These home remedies will benefit us big time.

  8. I must say this is a great article for the alternative to pharmaceutical meds for high blood pressure . Really great ways to naturally help with an issue affecting many of us as we get older. The squash I knew about but you never read about how good it is for you. Potassium does not get the recognition it deserves. 

    1. Thanks Cathy for sharing your thoughts.  Yes, potassium is one of the most important one.  Hopefully, this article gets to the people.

  9. This was a very useful post for me. I have high blood pressure and truthfully I have no interest in taking medicine, rather it makes more sense to handle the problem through my diet. It just seems a more natural method plus all the pills are too much the doctors want to push on you.

    I have looked at each of your suggestions and there are many I can immediately implement with little disruption to what I am doing now (exercise, staying away from a lot of fatty foods, and decreasing my dairy intake). The ones that really stand out are:

    (1) Tuna – 18 oz per week. This works out to a can per day and is an easy one. I will do this!

    (2) Increasing my onion intake to 3 cups per week. This is likely the easiest one to do, I love cooking and use onions a lot. I will simply add a few more to my recipes!

    (3) Adding barley to my diet. Right now I eat lentils a few times a week, generally with rice. This supposedly provides a  complete protein between the two, so I have omitted meats on those days. I can easily switch to barley.

    One question on the replacing the lentils with barley: Will I still get a complete protein mixing the barley with rice? If not it likely will not matter, since I am adding tuna daily.

    Great post and I am taking action on your suggestions. Thanks for the guidance!  

    1. Thanks Dave for sharing your thoughts.

      I am not sure if you can get the same result with eating barley with rice, because rice by itself is mostly carbohydrates. 

      But then again, i appreciate you taking action on these suggestions.  All the best!

  10. This article of yours was quite instructive about the tips we should follow in order to lower high blood pressure. Fortunately, I have been consuming healthy foods for years and taking care of my body. i might as well use your article to inform my older relatives about the steps they should follow to lower their blood pressure. Anyway, keep dropping that good content.

    1. Thanks Jean! And so glad to know that you are taking care of your health and body well.  I will for sure post more informations relative to achieving good health.  All the best!

  11. Thank you for this great article.  I am a 51 yr old man with high blood pressure and diabetes.  Talk about life style changes that have to be made.  That is the reason I come to websites like this.  Anything new I can learn I believe will help em stay alive.Thank you for taking the time to gather the information that you provided for us in this articleDale

    1. Thanks Dale for sharing your thoughts!  And you`re always welcome to visit this site.  I will for sure do my best to post good articles that will benefit the body and health as we grow older. All the best!

  12. While I’m a nurse who works in the work comp area now, I still appreciate people getting education on essential (and simple) things like healthy blood pressure. While there are medications doctors can prescribe, it’s best if blood pressure lowered naturally, so thanks for listing all of these ideas to do just that! While I knew about most of these suggestions, I didn’t actually know about citrus help decreasing the amount of the hormones the adrenal glands make, that was very interesting! Again, I appreciate you sharing, healthy living is so important!

    1. Thanks Jeremy for sharing your thoughts with regards to this article.  I really appreciate your comment especially that this kind of article is beneficial.  I know that there are medications out there for particular issues, but it is good to know that there are actually readily available products in your home that are helpful in treating conditions such as high blood pressure.

  13. Being in the medical field, i enjoyed reading your article about natural remedies to lower blood pressure. Hypertension is a leading cause of heart disease in our society today and the best way to prevent its terrible effects is to prevent the illness from forming or controlling it if already diagnosed. Controlling hypertension is very important and it is important that people know that this can not only be controlled with prescribed medication but also natural remedies. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. You`re welcome and thanks Jamiro for sharing your thoughts. It really feels good to share these kinds of articles and let the people know that there are actually natural remedies that are readily available in your home to control this kind of issues aside from medications that you get from the pharmacy.  

  14. Hello Hanna!

    Great posts here. At an early age of 36, I already had this 1st stage of Hypertension. I find your post here very helpful in managing Hypertension. Especially the natural way of lowering high blood pressure through yoga and foods. Right now I’m 40, with some sort of change in lifestyle and finding enough rest and exercise, and help from your articles, I believe my condition will improve.
    Thanks for these great thoughts of yours!


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