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How To Fight Menopausal Weight Gain



The truth: Every woman goes through perimenopause and menopause and experiences frustrating body changes during these periods including abnormal weight gain.

Why do we gain weight during menopause/perimenopause?


Regardless of what number you see on your scale, women`s weight through menopause and perimenopause is largely caused by several factors:

(1) Hormones

Estrogen receptors located in the hypothalamus of the brain control food intake, energy expenditure, and body fat distribution. When there is a decrease in the levels of estrogen during menopause, this control panel increases hunger, slows metabolism, and encourages fat gain around the waist.

Hormone Replacement Therapy could potentially help improve reduce this weight gain by helping the brain`s receptors from promoting hunger, slowing metabolism, and growing waistline during menopause.

(2) Exercise

Since one of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance is slow metabolism and loss of energy, during this period we tend to get lazy. We feel heaviness and lack of interest.

If you feel sluggish, you may start with a little walk every now and then which will be helpful just to keep raise your feeling-good hormones, endorphins. Any physical activity will benefit your body during this time to tone the muscles and bone mass because these are what we tend to lose rapidly during this period.

(3) Healthy Eating

During this period in women`s lives, we tend to become hungry because of the hormonal change. What is worst is that our hypothalamus keep saying eat food that are sweet and salty. There you go, you can now notice a bit of heaviness and bloatness.

The right choice of food with proper nutrients will basically ward off those menopausal symptoms. Try to eat food that consists low in fat, sugar and sodium.

(4) Stress

It is hard to relax when you are going through the trials of menopause. You are putting so much pressure on your mind and body when you are under stress.

Stress not only tends to add weight around your belly but can boost your appetite, creating a vicious cycle. Too much stress is a predictor of weight gain and can break your will to stick with a diet.

(5) Genes

Gaining weight during your later years can also be attributed if it runs in the family. But that does not mean you cannot change it. You can definitely control it. With the right diet, the right belief and attitude, you can be as sexy as you want even at your menopausal period.



You can exercise more or even eat less, yet you still find yourself gaining weight, especially in the waist and thigh areas. Having these unwanted weight gains, and other menopausal symptoms like bloating, mood swings, low energy and hot flashes, can make your life miserable during these times.

So, can we fight these symptoms? even the weight gain?


Of course, we can! There are so many programs in the market nowadays that can help alleviate these symptoms. If you are skeptical about these programs, you may want to follow a strict healthy diet protocol. There are so many ways, it is all up to you.


By the way… Have you heard about EstroThin – Menopausal Formula?


EstroThin is a neutroceautical grade liquid extract therapy with a clinically substantiated Adaptogenic phylo-plants phylo-plants activity called ADAPTOGENS.


All these hormonal changing process during the menopause or perimenopause periods give so many stresses to our body`s systems. Adaptogens are the most effective natural substances available to help the body fight these stresses by stimulating the body`s own self-regeneration process, which makes reduce symptoms of weight gain, bloating, mood swings and hot flashes and other adverse menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms.


How does it work?


The Adaptogenic active ingredients of EstroThin help combat undue stresses put upon the body by stimulating the body`s own self-regeneration process. It helps reduce the levels of fat hormones and balance cortisol levels causing the body to automatically stimulate weight loss, especially excess fat around the waist, stomach, and thigh areas. The corrective process also helps increase the body`s energy level, fight the adverse effects of stress, help control mood swings and commence the strengthening process of the immune function.


The role of the Adaptogens is the ability to help restore the normal balance to hormonal responses that are either abnormally high or abnormally low and help the body adjust to different kinds of stress.


Estrothin does not come as a pill or as a capsule. It is a liquid extract.


The potency of the active ingredient of EstroThin is substantially higher when delivered as a liquid extract versus powdered methods (such as capsule, caplet, or tablet). Also, the active ingredients are pre-extracted, therefore accelerating their movement through the body`s system and maintaining its efficacy and effectiveness. The product is mild and has a pleasant taste.


You can find out more about EstroThin on http://sisquochealthcare.com/


My Conclusion


Going into a menopausal/perimenopausal stage in our lives can be very unpredictable. But for sure, due to hormonal deficiencies, there will be some emotional and body changes that will be involved. Understanding these changes can help you through this stage. We may want to find ways to help our body adapt to these symptoms or we may just accept and embrace all these changes and just continue in our lives. But no matter what it is you decide, make sure to enjoy the whole meaning of womanhood.


Any thoughts in this article? I would appreciate if you leave a comment.

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16 thoughts on “How To Fight Menopausal Weight Gain

  1. I need this for my mom. I didn’t know she was going through menopause till last year and I saw all the changes described here.

    Being a mid 30’s woman I didn’t even know there is a perimenopause. I really need to get into shape now.

    Thank you for writing a very educational post.

    1. Thanks Alina and you`re welcome! Just to add note, it takes a year or more for women to experience these symptoms of menopause/perimenopause. To some, it takes even more than 10 years. Not understanding these symptoms can be very frustrating. But, if you have already known about this at an earlier age, like you`re in 30`s, then, you can manage these symptoms well.

  2. I definitely saw the weight gain when I was going through this period of my life. I was doomed from the start to be around the midsection and it runs in my family, but now that I’ve got through menopause it seems to be a fruitless battle. I just might check out the Estrothin!

    1. Thanks Lynne for sharing your thoughts. When i started menopause, although i am always been health conscious, i do not understand how come i was gaining a bit of weight especially in the tummy area.. Then, i realized this was an effect of the reduction of some hormones caused by the menopausal period. Please do check EstroThin:)

  3. Wow I remember when my mom went through this I didn’t understand it at first I was a lot younger but after reading this it sheds some light on what was going on my mom was short in temper, mood swings, body temp all over the place she was so stressed out this article is very informative thank you!

    1. Thanks Demon`te! Once you understand the effects and symptoms of the menopausal or perimenopausal periods of women, the more you will understand their behaviour. It is good to note these signs.

  4. Wow. What a timely article. I’m in full-blown menopause, and I’ve gained a ton of weight. I used to eat well and exercise and stayed at a great weight, but not anymore. I’m inspired to return to low carb and exercising after reading this.

  5. Great article!
    I didn’t know that stress and genes played a role in this. I guess, I should ask my mother to know for mine, too!
    Do you know if Estrothin has any strong side effects?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Jenny, Thanks for your comment. As of this writing, i haven`t heard of any strong side effects of Estrothin. What i researched initially, taking EStrothin will give you headache at the beginning but will eventually dissipate as your body gets used to it.

  6. I am currently going through this now. Since my late twenties my body started changing so much that they kept checking me for perimenopause. I have all the symptoms of menopause now. Hormones and stress are playing a huge roll in my weight gain. I may have to checkout the EstroThin.

  7. Great post on menopause and good advice on how to counteract the uncomfortable symptoms. I wouldn’t be without my estrogen. It’s so important for a woman’s body to function properly. I’ll be checking out your products. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Holly for checking out this article! It`s also good to be reminded that women going to this stage will definitely go through some bodily and systematic changes.

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