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5 Competitive Sports for Over 50

Women over 50s definitely need to be fit and healthy. The media, magazines, and books are filled with articles, knowledge and statistics on the importance of staying fit as you get older. I know keeping healthy maybe a routine for some who had been very active, but joining in a competitive sport can be more exciting. Yes! Why not? Do you know that there are lots of women athletes over 50s who excel in their sports? 58-year old Kay Glynn just broke a record in the pole vault for women. Martina Navratilova is in tennis pro-player who won US open when she was 50, and continued on until now. She is already 58 years old. There are also several competitive sports for senior citizens.

Joining a competitive sport is very challenging at first, but once you are doing it, it may be a fun filled kind of sports and at the same time will make you fit and healthy.

Here are some suggestions you may want to start with:

1. Tennis

Anybody who has an average fitness can start to play Tennis. There are many clubs and groups that actually offer lessons for women and men at this age group. They usually say that tennis is a sport for older generation and I believe maybe it is true. As I have already mentioned, Martina Navratilova, became popular in that field when she was already in her prime. It is also a very good sport you can start learning with your spouse, or your partner. It is a sport which is challenging, and yet very beneficial. It does take a bit of your strength and endurance but anything is possible once you put your mind to it.

2. Golfing

Playing golf is another competitive sport that I can recommend. If you have been playing golf all your life, you may have already achieved the flexibility and expertise in your swings. But it is never too late to learn the sport. It is a good sport for toning your muscles, your flexibility, and your focused (cognitive skills). All over the world, this sport is very popular among the older generation. There are clubs that offer from small leagues and also to the nationals competitions for this level of age group.

3. Soccer

Believe it or not, playing soccer or football is a sport that is rapidly growing in popularity among older people. A lot of clubs are now starting to practice games and leagues for the silver-haired community. Therefore, both men and women are realizing the benefits of this sport as it allows you to keep physically fit as well as sociable. In addition, it is also a sport that can satisfy that competitive edge which refuses to diminish even in an old age. There is already a lot of senior teams that actually had started this competitive sports and it is just amazing to watch them because the level of endurance is so unbelievable in their generation.

I would like to add, aside from soccer or football, there is also a basketball league for the seniors.

4. Martial Arts

Martial Arts like Karate offers a wealth of benefits for people in all ages. There are lots of Martial Arts School that offers classes in different age group. Even ages over 80 years old. An in the World Olympics of Martial Arts, there is a level for seniors.

If you have not been in martial arts before, you can start learning it even when you are old. It is the World Martial Arts, This is a great sport that you can use just to stay fit, mentally and physically. If you want to push yourself to the next level and be competitive, this is a very good sport to be in.

5. Fitness Programs

The main reason for joining fitness classes is to build you core muscles, your strength, your agility and flexibility. There are several classes for different levels, from limited knowledge to no experience in health, wellness, and fitness programs, which is a great thing. Even if you have started at this age, it does not mean you can push your level to a more advance one. Not only is this an effective way to improve cardiovascular functions, but it also builds muscle mass and strengthen bones which we definitely need when we get older.

I included the fitness program as a competitive sport because the challenge here is yourself. Building your core at this age is very challenging if you have not been doing exercises for strength. If you start slow and light, you can achieve being fit, healthy, and vibrant.


In any sports we want to learn or even any form of exercises, it is always best to check with your doctor before going ahead. Competitive sports is another level of sports that is possible to do even at this level of our age. But it is always good to know that it is possible to challenge our body and enjoy the benefit that you can get from being on this kind of sports and even excelling them at the end.

Nowadays, there are so many sport programs catering to our age group. These programs aim to support sport or active awareness to this age level group.  Sport competitions of 50 year olds and above are already happening all over the world. To some seniors, who even started in their prime, this is a life changing for them. They did not even realize they can do it. And to some, it is fulfilling because they found their passions in life. That is why we see stories about athletes who are in their prime winning in some competitive sports they choose, excelling in it, and even breaking some world records.

As I have mentioned time and again, it is never too late to learn any sports to keep you healthy and fit. Even learning a competitive sport is never too late. If you start right now, you may even be surprise to learn that it is in you all along.

Do you have any competitive sports you want to learn? Tell me about it…

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