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4 Easy Tips For Hot Flashes! Fast Results!

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One of the most common symptom when a woman is in the menopausal transition is having some hot flashes. (You can read other symptoms of menopause here.)

At least 75% of women will experience hot flashes at some point in this transition – and sometimes those common but maddening, sweaty spells keep recurring for 10 years or more. No wonder surveys show hot flashes are now our top complaint during menopause.

To some women, having these symptoms varies. About 2 in 10 women never get hot flashes. Others have it for only a very short period. But to some, they can have them for 11 years or more. On average, however, women get hot flushes or night sweats for about 7 years.

So, how can you ever cool down? Easily!

I have gathered some easy and yet very reliable tips on how you can cool down your hot flashes. I have tried all of them and i tell you that all these are effective.

1. Doing yoga can control your cortisol.

Yoga is powerful in cooling your hot flashes down. You don’t need to go and drive anywhere or spend so much money to learn yoga – there are tons of free lessons for beginners videos on Youtube.com.

This is really great news because practicing yoga for 20 minutes a day is shown to cut hot flashes by 63%! Yoga is focus on relaxed, controlled breathing which eliminates or control down the production of a proven hot flash trigger – the stress hormone cortisol.

2. Taking sage to maintain estrogen.

According to the Advances in Therapy, taking 500mg to 600mg. of sage extract daily could have your hot flashes cool down in only about eight weeks! Sage contains a mild estrogen-like compound that stops flushing when your own estrogen drops.

Another way or option instead of taking a Sage extract, is steep a 1 Tbsp. of fresh sage leaves in one cup boiling water, covered for 5 minutes. Strain and sip. You can even add honey or lemon. Have this tea at least two or three cups each day – very helpful for your hot flashes.

3. Relaxing with neroli oil.

Having at least about two five-minute breaks each day to relax and enjoy the aroma of neroli essential oil will reduce hot flashes as much as 25% according to the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Neroli`s sweet, floral aroma calms the anxiety center of your brain – and when your anxiety level drops, your brain temperature control rises, says co-author Hui Lee, Ph.D.

And last but not the least, and the most surprising one,

4. Wine can cut the risk of hot flashes by 48%

Harvard research shows that drinking five glasses of wine weekly – but no more than that – could cut the risk of hot flashes by 48%. Wine compounds called polyphenols help convert excess testosterone into estrogen you need to keep temperature cooler.

Added thoughts:

These are just very easy treatments which can help you go through your hot flashes. But if your symptoms are bothersome or causing trouble for you, it is better to talk to your doctor who may recommend some treatments such as Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT. If it is not right for you, there are still other treatments which may offer relief. B-complex Vitamins, Vitamin E, and Ibuprofen may help too.

In conclusion,

Hot flashes has always been connected to menopause. It is a symptom that women has accepted and even to some would not want any treatment at all – they eventually get used to it until the symptom is gone. But if in any way you want to control your temperature, try these easy tips!

Thanks for reading!


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22 thoughts on “4 Easy Tips For Hot Flashes! Fast Results!

  1. Wow, this is an amazing post. I love your tips, all you have mentioned. Yoga is very important for cooling down and I would suggest drinking 2-3 liters of water. Hot Flashes I always experience when its very hot and I would like to say thank you for this.

  2. Hey Hanna,

    I recommended this website to a friend who suffers with hot flashes. There’s some great information here and a lot I have not heard of.

    I was also surprised to hear that some can experience these symptoms for 11 years, WOW!

    1. Hi Amanda,thank you for your comment!
      Yes, unbelievably true – for 11 years. It is funny she started experiencing hot flashes since she was in her early 40`s ( still in her perimenopausal stage – read more about menopause HERE ) Until now, she`s already over 50, and she has used yoga and meditation to give her relief.
      All the best!

  3. I think that in getting old the first thing to do is accepting that the body change and that everyone of us need to listen to its signs. This preface permits to change everyday habits, life schedules and rhythm. I think that these are very good suggestion for women but I think that even men need to change their rhythm. So It has to be seen as normal and a good thing to have some changes in life, getting old: it means that we care about us!

    1. Hi Miche, thank you for sharing your thoughts,

      Definitely, getting old is only a phase, part of changes in life.  Growing old gracefully is an ideal.

      All the best!

  4. Wine for hot flashes? Count me in! lol 

    I’m not quite at the menopause stage, but I’m not too far behind. These are great tips, and I appreciate having an idea of how to control hot flashes once they start coming. 

    I’m hoping they won’t be too bad. I don’t ever remember my Mom having them. My poor mother-in-law still gets them badly and she’s 81! She’s been dealing with them for many, many years. 

    I felt something like hot flashes when I was pregnant and breastfeeding my kids. It’s definitely uncomfortable. I wish I knew your tips then!

    1. Thanks Cristina for your comment regarding this post!

      Hot flash is really something that i am not sure women are looking forward to experience.  I am probably one of the most fortunate one because i only had it probably within a year, and i really tried all these tips, and i think it works, especially the yoga and meditation ones.

      All the best!

  5. It is interesting to know that wine consumption can help reduce hot flash to certain extent. I am pretty sure that most women will want to go for this option as it seems to be the easiest and fun way of overcoming hot flash.

    Hot flash is natural and I believe it will always go on its own. But if the effects become unbearable, it is advisable to consider these tips mentioned. 

    1. Thanks Abiodun for your comment!

      You are definitely right, to some women, this symptom just come and go.  But for the rest, try these simple tips.

      All the best!

  6. I really didn’t know that sage could help with hot flashes. My friend can’t seem to get any relief, no matter what she tries. I think she’ll welcome the sage. Not to mention the wine. This post is really informative and I enjoyed the read. Do you think having sage tea can have the same effect as the extract? I am wondering if a mild cup of sage tea can help my friend calm down.

    1. Thanks Carol for your insights.

      I have tried the sage tea, and it works. But i have it regularly during that time i feel i have some hot flash ( 2-3 cups a day) for almost 8 weeks.
      I am assuming the extract will be fast acting effect. I will look into that.

  7. Thanks for providing this piece of information, I know pretty well that a lot if symptoms surfaces at menopause .Hot flashes is a common complain for older women, thanks for providing great insight into the solution, I think taking wine is the best possible solution I can advise anyone to go with. 

  8. I think a lot of women will find this article useful as hot flashes is very common in this age and many seems to have no clue what to do about it or why this is caused. Many simply wait for it to pass something that can last years as you also mentioned. I think if there are ways that could help anyone with this problem should try it. Thank you for providing this info.

  9. Hello Hanna,This is very helpful to know that you have provided the tips needed to reduce flashes.  You have expounded and explained clearly on the 4 points.  I especially like what you have mentioned that drinking red wine can reduce hot flashes by 48%.  I shall immediately tell my wife to follow your regimen which will help her hot flashes under control.  Nevertheless will include doing more hot yoga.Thank you for a piece of awesome information.

    1. You are welcome Francis, and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      Yes, i make sure to note that it only gives 48%.  Still, that`s almost half as helpful!

  10. Definitely some great tips on how to deal with hot flashes that women have to suffer through. I am directly affected by these, as in I am a husband that is around my wife who has these from time to time. This is actually how I came across your post, lovely friend Google showed this post as a link for my search results.

    Right now the wine is one natural defense she is using, but I will bring up to her the other suggestions you have included. They are all easy to add to her lifestyle and should be tried, in my opinion. I do not like to have her suffer through these flashes, I know they are uncomfortable.

    I am not a big fan of hormone replacement therapy, as I have heard that there is some controversy about it. This was ages ago, when my mother was going through this period in her life, so things may have changed for the better since then. That is perhaps where the doctor recommendation comes in, they would have the info on the latest available replacement products that are out there.

    Before we get to that stage, we will continue to deal with these flashes naturally, and by adding sage to her diet and using some of the oil treatment you mention, hopefully, we will not need to take that next step. Getting old is not easy, but it is better than NOT getting old. Thanks for the great tips!

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